Sri Reddy Vulgar Overloaded Comments on Pawan Kalyan


Actor come politician Pawan Kalyan on Saturday while responding to the Telugu actress Sri Reddy’s sexual harassment. When media asked question on the topic of Sri Reddy, Pawan Kalyan said “There is no use going to TV channels for justice. She should go to police stations. More than this sensationalism, there is a need to fight all such injustice in court.”

Sri Reddy replied to pawan Kalyan Comments with most abusive words and gestures. People who are watched her comments in channels were appalled by her choice of words and her gestures.

She told, Pawan is married with three woman that is shows that what kind of perspective he has for woman. She included, Pawan Kalyan fans are trolling women artistes who are criticizing Pawan but he is keeping quiet. He can’t control his fans, then what kind of a leader he is. She questioned.

Until this, it looked normal (as per standards of lambasting in front of media), but after this Sri Reddy crossed her limits with three gestures and comments i.e; One, she slapped herself with her cheppal, saying I made a mistake by calling Pawan kalyan as brother (Pawan Anna) earlier.  Second, she told, I wont call Pawan as brother instead she will call him – M*** (the abusive word that was used in Arjun Reddy movie). She spoked these words in front of media channel cameras.

And the third one is she showed her middle finger and uttered (this is for) Pawan Kalyan.

The Way she responded shocked all.


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